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The Main Rule: You Do Really Have the books you submit.

No print on demand books (Blurb, Amazon books, etc.) are accepted. Only books you physically have.
Pre-order is possible, but when the edition is on a printing phase and this fact is proven.
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The Phooks project is currently on its early stage of development: we went public, but still running market and consumer research, calculating the economics, optimizing the website, bulding the library.

The project is founded Max Zhiltsov just in April '19. I'm running this project with a small team. You can always reach me for questions anywhere you preffer:
+357 95 170 291

The Phooks & me, Max Zhiltsov, is currently based on Cyprus.
And we work for the whole world from this tiny island.

Here are few links to my personal accounts to let you be sure I'm real :)
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