You have a self-published photo book, but looking for more exposure and sales?

Here's something for you!

Showcase For Free & Sell Your Photo Books To Collectors
At Minimum Fees
Meet Collectors
We're creating unique values for collectors and organizations with a keen interest in collecting self-published books, limited editions & signed copies.
An Online Showroom
We're building a platform, both an online photo book store, a subscription service, and a media.
To Let Publishers
The size and popularity don't matter — any photo book of good quality will be equally represented on the platform.
Who Are Hungry
For Unique Books
They have proven their interest and willingness to buy books by subscribing to the monthly paid membership.
The Member status allows collectors to buy books ahead of the rest & have access to unique content
A Weekly Nesletter
Announcing all the self- & indie-publishing industry news, upcoming releases, preorders, and new arrivals.
With A Monthly Membership Fee
The Collector Gets:
The Right To Buy First
New books you and other publishers submit will be announced once a week and available only for Members during the first five days. On the 6th day, all the books go to a public online store.
Signed copies
Every collector hunts for unique copies and we'd ask you to lock the number of your signed copies for the platform.
Unique Prices & Discounts
Whether it be a pre-order discount, a sale or additional gifts — Members will see it first.
Exclusive Content & Events
The special value of owning a photo book is to be a part of its story and to have a deeper look at the "backstage" of the creative process behind. Many publishers are eager to share their stories and we would ask you to become a part of this.
The Premium Membership subscribers
will receive a few very special books every
two or three months
Selected Buy Guests
We work with big industry names to involve them in the project for reviewing the submitted books and selecting the most outstanding publications
Delivered fast
Premium shipping conditions for those who aren't willing to wait
Limited & Signed editions
All the jewels: very special editions, hand crafted books, top-picks.
Would It Be The Right Support
For The Art You Create?
If so — please help us to start building the library by submitting your book!
The project is currently on the very early stage of development: we are running market and consumer research, calculating the economics, developing the service itself, planning marketing and assortment policy. The brand name, website, legal entity registration are also in progress of research and development.

My name is Max Zhiltsov, I'm running this project with a little team. You can always reach me for questions anywhere you preffer:
+357 95 170 291
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